Forgiveness Precedes Forgiveness

Mistakes are nothing more than an opportunity for improvement. There are very few things in this world that are unforgivable if we are sincere in our attempt to do better. That said, other people may not forgive us, but, if we are honest about our error, if we admit fault, and if we try to … Continue reading Forgiveness Precedes Forgiveness

Can You Live With The Worst I Have To Offer?

In any relationship, it is not the things that we like about another person, but the things that we don’t like, that we are committing to. If we spend enough time with a person, it is inevitable that we will find things that we do not like about them. When deciding if we want to … Continue reading Can You Live With The Worst I Have To Offer?

From Annoyance to Hatred (There is Still Hope)

Our feelings about others are a reflection of our inner world more than they are an objective statement about the other person’s character. If we allow our negative feelings about another person to sit with us unresolved for too long, they will grow and consume us. Like a splinter under the skin, what begins as … Continue reading From Annoyance to Hatred (There is Still Hope)

Changing Lives (Including Our Own)

Changing lives changes us. We may know that we want to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We may even have some clear ideas as to how we are going to do that. We can execute our plan, controlling as many variables as possible, and begin changing lives and changing the world around us … Continue reading Changing Lives (Including Our Own)