Becoming The Listener

Hearing requires empathy. Often, our words fall short of what we truly mean to say and want to get across. There is a feeling, an intention behind what we are trying to say that we cannot quite capture with words, that eludes our grasp, and that misses the target we are aiming for. In spite…

Difficult Truths

We are not equipped to process difficult truths quickly. Difficult truths take time to understand, to accept, and to digest, sometimes even a lifetime. These truths take even longer before we can transform them into usable information that adds value to our lives, our relationships, and our communities. We have built in resistors. As a…

A Vessel Of Potential

Our flaws, our cracks, and our scars need not diminish our capacity for love, compassion, and creativity. In spite of how we have been hurt, in spite of how we have been damaged, deceived, abused, or abandoned, we are all capable of boundless love, endless compassion, deep connection, unwavering dedication, and powerful, life-affirming, world-changing creativity….

Do You See Heart?

When you look at others, do you see who they are or who they are capable of being? There is more to who we are than what we think about ourselves. There is more to who we are than the selves we project into the world. There is more to who we are than what…

A Team’s Perspective

Teamwork is a matter of perspective. Demands, threats, and force may help us accomplish our immediate goals, but dictatorship is not leadership. True leadership requires that others follow us consciously, voluntarily, and willingly. This requires a shared perspective. In order for others to follow us by choice, of their own informed free-will, they need perspective….