A Team’s Perspective

Teamwork is a matter of perspective. Demands, threats, and force may help us accomplish our immediate goals, but dictatorship is not leadership. True leadership requires that others follow us consciously, voluntarily, and willingly. This requires a shared perspective. In order for others to follow us by choice, of their own informed free-will, they need perspective….

It Is Better To Be Better

If we want to be heard, we must first stop making noise. Distance and time are no longer barriers to communication. Distance has become irrelevant and the time between putting a message into the world and having that message received has condensed down to nearly an instant. The new barrier to communication is noise. Everyone…

The Overlooked Value Of Failure

Success is often more difficult to handle than failure because, while failure can be an end in itself, success requires a commitment to keep going. We often think of failure in terms of its’ negative connotations. We associate failure with disappointment, frustration, and loss. Failure can also bring us relief, however, because failure resolves uncertainty….

Our Occupations Are For Service

We must find a balance between the ways in which we serve our communities and the ways in which we serve our hearts’ callings. When people are challenged with the idea that they should do what they love, many automatically assume this necessarily refers to their occupation. This is a patently false assumption, however. Doing…

Leading What Is Within

A leader’s job is to focus enthusiasm in the direction of the team’s objective. Leadership is as much about listening and observing as it is about goal-setting, providing direction, and giving encouragement and corrective feedback. As leaders, we can have an amazing team, a foolproof plan, and a highly detailed, well thought out strategy, but…