Turn Toward Trouble (A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson)

Our only hope for overcoming our troubles is to turn toward them. One of the most valuable lessons we learn, as we practice jiu-jitsu, is that our troubles do not go away when we turn our backs on them. In fact, the more we train, the more we discover that, by turning away from our … Continue reading Turn Toward Trouble (A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson)

The Consequences Of Overextension (A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson)

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, we learn over time that overextending ourselves has very real, even painful, consequences. One of the greatest benefits of jiu-jitsu training is the near-immediate feedback we receive from rolling (grappling for submissions). When we make mistakes, if we are rolling with someone of equal or greater skill, there are consequences in the … Continue reading The Consequences Of Overextension (A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson)

To Fight For Peace

We all need to fight for what we believe in, but what some of us believe in is not fighting. People are complex creatures full of inconsistencies and contradictions. Quite often, our actions do not align with what we claim to believe or value. Sometimes, our behaviors even directly contradict the very principles we espouse. … Continue reading To Fight For Peace

The Martial-Mystical Experience (Rolling Into Transcendence)

It is difficult to worry about our day-to-day problems when someone is trying to choke us unconscious or punch us in the face. Aside from simply learning how to fight or defend ourselves, there are many psychological, physical, and emotional benefits to be found in sparring based martial arts, martial arts wherein practitioners regularly pressure … Continue reading The Martial-Mystical Experience (Rolling Into Transcendence)

On Non-Resistance (A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson)

Long-lasting solutions begin with empathy, not animosity. If we want to make a change in our lives, we will inevitably come up against resistance. Instead of perceiving this resistance as a negative thing, we should embrace it for the lessons it offers. Resistance forces us to know ourselves, our desires, our capabilities, and to adjust … Continue reading On Non-Resistance (A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson)