On Passion And Purpose

Passion is a fickle friend who will ultimately disappoint those who rely on it. Passion comes, goes, and changes focus as it sees fit. It is selfish, fleeting, and easily swayed when challenges arise. Passion is an excuse for all manner of immature, irresponsible, and even hurtful decisions. It overrides what we know to be…

The Overlooked Value Of Failure

Success is often more difficult to handle than failure because, while failure can be an end in itself, success requires a commitment to keep going. We often think of failure in terms of its’ negative connotations. We associate failure with disappointment, frustration, and loss. Failure can also bring us relief, however, because failure resolves uncertainty….

To Fight For Peace

We all need to fight for what we believe in, but what some of us believe in is not fighting. People are complex creatures full of inconsistencies and contradictions. Quite often, our actions do not align with what we claim to believe or value. Sometimes, our behaviors even directly contradict the very principles we espouse….