The Challenge Of Growth

When things that once challenged us no longer do, we can either choose comfort in routine or growth in new challenges. There is nothing wrong with comfort in itself. We all crave it in some way. After all, growth and progress are not sustainable without some time for rest, recovery, and reflection in our lives….

Increment Progress Over Misguided Momentum (Kaizen)

As important as momentum is to progress, momentum in the wrong direction or in too many directions at once is counterproductive. We need to break free from the things that are holding us back, whether these are fear, procrastination, distraction, or some other form of internal or external resistance, and get moving in the direction…

Distracting Ourselves (To Excuse Ourselves)

If we have goals we want to achieve and the means by which to achieve them, the greatest battle we face from day to day is the battle against distraction. Quite often, what stands between us and our goals is clarity, time, and resources. That is, our goals are not clearly defined, measurable, and realistic,…

A Team’s Perspective

Teamwork is a matter of perspective. Demands, threats, and force may help us accomplish our immediate goals, but dictatorship is not leadership. True leadership requires that others follow us consciously, voluntarily, and willingly. This requires a shared perspective. In order for others to follow us by choice, of their own informed free-will, they need perspective….

The Overlooked Value Of Failure

Success is often more difficult to handle than failure because, while failure can be an end in itself, success requires a commitment to keep going. We often think of failure in terms of its’ negative connotations. We associate failure with disappointment, frustration, and loss. Failure can also bring us relief, however, because failure resolves uncertainty….