A Team’s Perspective

Teamwork is a matter of perspective. Demands, threats, and force may help us accomplish our immediate goals, but dictatorship is not leadership. True leadership requires that others follow us consciously, voluntarily, and willingly. This requires a shared perspective. In order for others to follow us by choice, of their own informed free-will, they need perspective….

The Overlooked Value Of Failure

Success is often more difficult to handle than failure because, while failure can be an end in itself, success requires a commitment to keep going. We often think of failure in terms of its’ negative connotations. We associate failure with disappointment, frustration, and loss. Failure can also bring us relief, however, because failure resolves uncertainty….

The Convergence Of Growth And Service

We must be careful not to grow beyond our ability to connect with those we aim to serve. Paraphrasing the great Bob Dylan, whether in our personal, occupational, or spiritual lives, we all have to serve somebody. We also need to work on ourselves and work towards our goals because, referencing Dylan again, if we…

Pivoting For Progress

Move forward decisively and purposefully, but leave room to pivot. Whether in relationships, business, fitness, or martial arts, once we know where we want to go and we have a plan to get there, it is important to begin moving in that direction without haste and to stick with the plan as best we can….

Success is a Process of Becoming

Success is not what we accumulate, but who we become. There is no mystical end point where we can say that we have arrived and that our work is done. If we are driven in any way, we will want to and we must continue to move forward. If there is no final destination where…