Presence Now

We cannot make up for our past absence. The best we can do is to be available now. Be present now. We cannot make up for lost time. It is vanity to even try. Time passed will never return. This moment is here, now. Remove expectations. Remain open to possibilities. Be here, now. Holistic Budo:…

The Boundaries Of Experience

It is not that which we keep out, but that which we let in that changes us. We do not come into this world close-minded. We are open, aware, and receptive of everything going on around us. We take everything in. We want to know everything. We want to ask every question, test every theory,…

Fear Of Change Is The Fear Of Loss

Fear makes us perceive the potential for change as the inevitability of loss. Fear is a thief. It steals opportunity, growth, and relationships. It tells us that, if we will lose control, we will lose everything. It lies to us by saying that, if only everything stays how we think we want it, all will…

The Overlooked Value Of Failure

Success is often more difficult to handle than failure because, while failure can be an end in itself, success requires a commitment to keep going. We often think of failure in terms of its’ negative connotations. We associate failure with disappointment, frustration, and loss. Failure can also bring us relief, however, because failure resolves uncertainty….

The Story of Possibility

Sometimes our greatest enemy, our grandest saboteur, is the story we tell ourselves about who we are and the value of our contribution to the lives of those around us. We cannot base our lives solely on the opinions of others, but we also cannot base our lives solely on our own opinions of ourselves….