Checklist For A Full And Fulfilling Day

What can we do today to promote mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being for ourselves and those around us? With more time on our hands than usual lately, many of us are thinking about what an ideal, productive, and healthy day can and should look like. Here are some general guidelines, a checklist if … Continue reading Checklist For A Full And Fulfilling Day

Express Your Aliveness Through Movement

Stay active, with purpose. Movement is the ultimate and most dramatic expression of our aliveness. It is how we express our ideas, our potential, and our freedom. We move to work, to build, to get stronger and faster, to grow, harvest, and cook food, to fight, and to create life. It is during the times … Continue reading Express Your Aliveness Through Movement

Self-Care is Anti-Selfish

Taking care of ourselves is not the same as only caring about ourselves. By starting every day doing something for ourselves, creating something from within ourselves, we can give freely of ourselves for the remainder of the day without regret. Approaching our day like this, front-loading it with time to meditate, time to move, and … Continue reading Self-Care is Anti-Selfish