Knowledge For Living

Information gathering can become a form of procrastination. Do not spend so much time gaining knowledge that you fail to act. Progress and growth are built on action. Information, knowledge, and data are merely the foundation from which you can make intelligent decisions and take informed action. Although it must be noted that sometimes the … Continue reading Knowledge For Living

Information Procrastination

It is easy to excuse ourselves from taking risk by insisting that we need to do more research.  Research is important.  Good information and reliable intelligence are both essential for success.  After all, we cannot expect to achieve our goals if we have not done our due diligence before taking action.  However, acquiring more and … Continue reading Information Procrastination

Creating Our Lives

It is important to have some medium through which we are able to express ourselves. Much of our life these days is spent on the receiving end of information. We are bombarded with input and spend endless hours consuming other people’s ideas, opinions, and agendas. It is easy to forget that we are creative beings. … Continue reading Creating Our Lives

Create More Space for Truth and Love

“I have never seen a situation where you shouted people down and convinced them you were right.” —Ann Miura-Ko We live in an era wherein nearly any and all information is available to us all of the time. It is literally ‘at our fingertips.’ It is no longer a matter of if you can know … Continue reading Create More Space for Truth and Love