Action Over Knowledge

What we know cannot save us from who we are.  Knowledge by itself is not enough to change us.  We must take positive action in the direction of the change we seek.  Hoping that change will occur through understanding or desire alone is a fantasy. Our actions prove our sincerity and affirm our decision. 

Finding Our Way Through Doubt

There will be times when we will doubt ourselves, our choices, and our path. This is only natural. When we find ourselves feeling unwaveringly confident in all things, absent of doubt, it is a sign of either our foolishness or our ignorance. Questioning, not confidence, is the path of wisdom. Confidence without doubt is hubris….

Difficult Truths

We are not equipped to process difficult truths quickly. Difficult truths take time to understand, to accept, and to digest, sometimes even a lifetime. These truths take even longer before we can transform them into usable information that adds value to our lives, our relationships, and our communities. We have built in resistors. As a…