Consistency Gives Us Context

If we want to know what works and what does not, if we want to know what matters and makes the most difference in our lives, we must first begin with some degree of consistency. By establishing a consistent baseline of values, principles, and behaviors, it becomes much easier to determine the causes of our … Continue reading Consistency Gives Us Context

Play More (To Be More Human)

“If we can play together, then we can live together.“—Cas Holman, ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ As children, play is our primary learning mechanism, both as a solo and a group activity. Play is how we learn to move, to experiment, and to socialize. As we get older, many of us seem to forget the … Continue reading Play More (To Be More Human)

Creativity Is A Process Of Discovery And Change

Creative outlets are not just important, but are essential in knowing who we are and what our individual point of view is. Art, regardless of the medium, is a process of both personal discovery and expression. Through the creative process we begin to unearth truths about ourselves that may have otherwise been left hidden to … Continue reading Creativity Is A Process Of Discovery And Change

Voluntary Essentialism

“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.” —Greg McKeown from ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’ In times of confusion and difficulty, often the only things we have to fall back on are our principles, our beliefs, and those things we hold to be most essential in our lives. While it is in … Continue reading Voluntary Essentialism