Finding Our Way Through Doubt

There will be times when we will doubt ourselves, our choices, and our path. This is only natural. When we find ourselves feeling unwaveringly confident in all things, absent of doubt, it is a sign of either our foolishness or our ignorance. Questioning, not confidence, is the path of wisdom. Confidence without doubt is hubris. … Continue reading Finding Our Way Through Doubt

The Gift of Criticism

When someone points out your mistakes, thank them. It is impossible to have a fully objective view of ourselves and how we relate to the world. Inevitably, we are blind to some of our errors in perception, judgement, and behavior. We all make mistakes. If the people we surround ourselves with care about us and … Continue reading The Gift of Criticism

Forgiveness Precedes Forgiveness

Mistakes are nothing more than an opportunity for improvement. There are very few things in this world that are unforgivable if we are sincere in our attempt to do better. That said, other people may not forgive us, but, if we are honest about our error, if we admit fault, and if we try to … Continue reading Forgiveness Precedes Forgiveness