Necessary Mistakes

Mistakes do not feel good, but they are necessary for progress. Learning is messy. The path to mastery is not a straight line. New skills and new knowledge are not easy to acquire. Their acquisition requires effort, struggle, and the constant overcoming of obstacles both extrinsic and intrinsic. This means you will make mistakes along … Continue reading Necessary Mistakes

The Cycle of Criticism

When we criticize others, we open ourselves up to criticism.  We set ourselves up against an impossible standard.  As soon as we, ourselves, make a mistake, which will inevitably happen, our own words and attitudes toward others become ammunition to be used against us.  No one is perfect.  We all have flaws and make mistakes.  … Continue reading The Cycle of Criticism

Finding Our Way Through Doubt

There will be times when we will doubt ourselves, our choices, and our path. This is only natural. When we find ourselves feeling unwaveringly confident in all things, absent of doubt, it is a sign of either our foolishness or our ignorance. Questioning, not confidence, is the path of wisdom. Confidence without doubt is hubris. … Continue reading Finding Our Way Through Doubt