A Cycle Of Healing

No matter how we feel, we do not have the right to hurt others in order to make ourselves feel better. 

We cannot improve our emotional, psychological, or spiritual state by destroying someone else’s. 

Hurt does not fix hurt. 

Doing someone else harm does not take away our pain. 

It does not heal our injuries. 

Nor can it reverse our trauma. 

What we have experienced is ours to live with, to resolve within ourselves, and to use as fuel for whatever path we choose to take in our lives. 

If we choose to use our pain to hurt others, all we have done is to create more pain in the world and our lives will have meant nothing. 

If, on the other hand, we are able to transcend our pain, if we are able to transform it into compassion, empathy, and understanding, and we are able to use these to do good in the world, to help others, and to heal the other broken souls such as ourselves, then our lives will have purpose and meaning. 

Just like suffering, healing is a cycle that can be passed on to others, but it takes consciousness, intention, and effort. 

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