Compromising Respect

When we give others the ability to violate our integrity, we lose their respect and our own. Simply because someone asks or even demands something of us does not make it our obligation to concede. Of course, one of our primary goals should be to be of service to others wherever and whenever possible. However, … Continue reading Compromising Respect

On Principle And Purpose

Our principles should take precedence over our desires. What we want should never be more important to us than what is right. The problem is that, without a clearly defined, tested, and proven set of first principles in our lives, it is very difficult to know the difference between what we desire and what is … Continue reading On Principle And Purpose

Cross-Training for Aikido Pt 3: Principles Over Techniques

As an aikido practitioner who wants to cross-train in more resistance-based arts, it is best to approach them using lower case ‘a’ aikido, which is a set of principles, than capital ‘A’ Aikido(TM), which is a set of techniques. One of the greatest hindrances to aikido practitioners cross-training in other, more competitive arts is the … Continue reading Cross-Training for Aikido Pt 3: Principles Over Techniques