Exhaustion’s Price

Exhaustion makes us fragile.  It makes us physically, psychologically, and emotionally weak.  This is dangerous on many levels.  Exhaustion causes us to think, do, and say things we otherwise would not.  It drives us to make poor decisions.  When we are exhausted, we more easily succumb to our baser natures, therefore becoming lesser versions of … Continue reading Exhaustion’s Price

On Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is fragile. It is easily discouraged, stifled, or stolen. Enthusiasm is also powerful. It can inspire, empower, and transform lives. For both of these reasons, enthusiasm must be acknowledged, protected, and encouraged. But, enthusiasm can be quite rare. It is often difficult to manifest and to maintain. When we feel it in others or … Continue reading On Enthusiasm

Transcending False Confidence

“There is no courage without vulnerability.” —Brené Brown We have all seen people who carry themselves with what looks like confidence, but something is a little bit off about it. Something is not quite right. Instead of being quiet and self-assured, like true confidence should be, it is loud, brash, and ostentatious, as if it … Continue reading Transcending False Confidence