Exhaustion’s Price

Exhaustion makes us fragile. 

It makes us physically, psychologically, and emotionally weak. 

This is dangerous on many levels. 

Exhaustion causes us to think, do, and say things we otherwise would not. 

It drives us to make poor decisions. 

When we are exhausted, we more easily succumb to our baser natures, therefore becoming lesser versions of ourselves. 

Not only does this have negative external consequences in our lives, but it also harms us. 

It damages us mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Over time, we find that we are no longer who we want to be, nor are we who others need. 

It would truly be a shame if all of the work we have done to bring us to this point, the work we drove ourselves to exhaustion doing, was for nothing because our exhausted state caused us to destroy that which we have gained or hoped to gain through our efforts. 

Exhaustion makes us weaker, not stronger, and this weakness has the power to destroy our relationships, our integrity, and our health, none of which are easily recovered. 

Strength, therefore, can be found in setting reasonable boundaries and allowing ourselves to rest.

HOLISTIC BUDO: As in life, so too in budo. As in budo, so too in life.

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