Standards And Expectations

It is okay to have high standards. Be aware, however, that high standards may lead to big disappointments. You can balance this out by having realistic expectations. Life is complicated. People will not always do as you wish. You cannot prepare for every contingency, obstacle, or difficulty. Acknowledge this truth, accept it, and embrace it. … Continue reading Standards And Expectations

Failure As Fuel

Do your best. Quite often, you will fall short. Your best will not always be good enough. These shortcomings are valuable lessons. Your failures are there to teach you about your boundaries and limitations. More importantly, however, failure exists to make you question yourself, your dedication to your path, and your will to succeed. If … Continue reading Failure As Fuel

Overcoming Inertia

It is easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy.  Going from an unhealthy state to a healthy one requires immense effort, dedication, and discipline.  Staying healthy requires the same, but with one major difference.  The transition from an unhealthy state to a healthy one also requires us to overcome inertia in a … Continue reading Overcoming Inertia