The Loving Truth

Before telling someone the truth, we should consider how it will make them feel. 

Not all truth is necessary to be spoken. 

Some truth is better left unsaid and some truth is better delivered with softness. 

The goal of communicating should not be to simply get our point across, but to get it across in a way that is actually helpful or useful.

Telling the truth in a way that is overly direct, harsh, or abrasive can be an act of cruelty. 

No one is served, least of all us, by cruelty delivered as the truth. 

We cannot use the truth as an excuse to hurt people. 

Of course, we should not lie in order to protect someone from hurt feelings, but we should at least try to present the truth in a way that is loving and kind. 

We will find that, not only is truth laced with compassion generally more well received, but also that we are changed for the better through the act of softening our words in order to better reach those with whom we are trying to communicate. 

The mere intention to be more compassionate has the power to transform us and, through our transformation into more loving and kind persons, our relationships are made all that much better as well. 

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