Changing Beliefs

Time and energy spent trying to change other people’s beliefs is often time and energy wasted. 

Beliefs are very personal. 

They run deep within our identities.

They inform who we are and how we see and interact with the world. 

They are not easily changed. 

This is especially true when our beliefs are met head on with resistance. 

Resistance tends to make us double-down on our beliefs, to hold them tighter, and to defend them more fervently. 

Our beliefs are what we use to protect ourselves against challenges and threats. 

Challenges and threats to our beliefs in an attempt to get us to change them, therefore, almost always have the opposite effect. 

They makes us cling to our beliefs more tightly. 

Our beliefs only change when we are willing for them to do so. 

This willingness is not usually brought about by debate, argument, or condemnation.

Willingness, the kind that is deep enough and real enough to make us change what we believe, often only comes about by way of great pain or great love. 

We should keep this in mind when we find ourselves tempted to try to change another person’s beliefs. 

Perhaps if we spent more time and energy showing the person or persons we wish to change more love, compassion, and understanding, they may come to see for themselves that there is a better way to live and a better way to believe. 

Maybe they will come around on their own.

At least we can be certain that our time and energy will not be wasted. 

Time and energy spent on love, compassion, and understanding is never wasted. 

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