The Responsibility Of A Gift

We each have something unique and powerful to offer the world. Once we know what that is, it is imperative that we do it justice by giving it the focus, attention, and energy it deserves. There will be distractions. Other people, activities, and agendas will require our attention. This is all part of the process….

Routine Is The Foundation Of Progress

Routines help us do what we must when our motivation is lacking. Even with regards to things we want or need to do, it is difficult to stay motivated all of the time. Desire comes and goes. Passion comes and goes. Enthusiasm comes and goes. Routine helps us to stay on track. It helps us…

On Mitigating Risk

No good argument can be made for taking risk unnecessarily when the same or better outcome can be had by mitigating risk instead. Risk, alone, is of no real value. In fact, unnecessary risk is detrimental to our survival, progress, and success. Proper research, planning, and preparation will guarantee us the outcomes we want far…

A Little Bit More Each Day

Each and every day, try to do a little bit more than you did the day before. Try to work on your goals a little bit more than you did the day before. Take a little bit more action toward your dreams than you did previously. Put a little bit more effort into your relationships…

The Challenge Of Growth

When things that once challenged us no longer do, we can either choose comfort in routine or growth in new challenges. There is nothing wrong with comfort in itself. We all crave it in some way. After all, growth and progress are not sustainable without some time for rest, recovery, and reflection in our lives….