Osoto Gari as Iriminage

Iriminage (entering body throw) is the quintessential Taikyoku Budo technique because every technique in Taikyoku Budo begins with irimi. Irimi is the principle of taking space, displacing one’s opponent’s body with one’s own. As Ellis Amdur explains, “As the enemy cuts, so, too, do I cut. Not ‘along’ the same path. ON THE SAME PATH. [...]

Espresso in Platonic Form

If there is a Platonic form that represents the ideal espresso, it exists in a ceramic cup, a demitasse. Glass is also good, but definitely not a paper cup. Paper cups are, by their very nature, disposable, intended for low quality products and low quality experiences. Espresso deserves better and the vessel it is served [...]

Yonkyoku or Spiraling Downward

Yonkyoku or Spiraling Downward At the heart of Taikyoku Budo (太曲武道) is the belief that all martial movements can be subdivided into five themes or kyoku (曲). These themes create the basis for our solo practice, but also act as a sort of filter through which to analyze and incorporate techniques from other martial studies [...]