Building Character

What you are going through now that feels difficult will turn into invaluable experience for your future endeavors.  It does not always seem like it, but these challenges are making you stronger and wiser.  They are shaping your character and teaching you lessons that may not seem immediately apparent, but which will prove to be … Continue reading Building Character

Goals For Change

Everyone changes.  The question is whether you are changing for the better or the worse.  This is not always an easy question to answer.  Most change happens slowly, over long periods of time.  And change is rarely a linear progression or regression.  There are peaks and valleys along the path.  Add to this the fact … Continue reading Goals For Change

The Work In The Middle

It feels good to start new projects and to face new challenges.  Likewise, it feels good to finish projects and to have overcome challenges.  The middle is the hard part.  In the middle, things are less exciting.  There is no newness to get us going.  Nor is there the sense of accomplishment that comes with … Continue reading The Work In The Middle

The Gift Of Focus

Give yourself the gift of focus.  Free yourself from distractions.  Concentrate on your work, unhindered by the noise and commotion of the world outside that is constantly vying for your attention.  Create a quiet place for yourself and do not let the world in.  There are very few people in this life that you owe … Continue reading The Gift Of Focus