Drawn Into Conflict

We live in a world full of broken people, but we need not be broken by them. 

Some people are so unhappy that their only goal from day to day is to make others unhappy as well. 

They go out of their way to pull others into their misery. 

By intentionally causing conflict, they draw attention toward themselves or their agenda and away from the things that matter. 

If we give them the attention they seek, that is our choice. 

Moreover, if, through our attention, we give them the power to affect our thoughts, emotions, and actions, that is also our choice. 

Our emotional and psychological integrity is ours to maintain. 

No one else will do it for us. 

‘Drawn Into Conflict’ by Robert Van Valkenburgh

HOLISTIC BUDO: As in Life, so too in Budo. As in Budo, so too in Life.

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