Love In Spite Of Life

We cannot go through life without being hurt. 

Pain, sorrow, and heartbreak are inevitable. 

And, the more we open our hearts to love and joy, the more we risk disappointment and sadness. 

This does not mean that we should avoid opening our hearts, however. 

It does not mean that we should avoid being hurt. 

Simply put, we cannot even if we want to. 

Instead of trying to live without pain, our goal should be to find a way to live with love in spite of it. 

If we can do this, it will not necessarily make our pain or our difficulties go away. 

It will, however, make them mean something. 

If we allow it, life’s tragedies, difficulties, and heartaches can overwhelm us. 

But, if we resist giving in and giving up, if we fight back against the tide with love, nothing can stand in our way. 

In the end, if we choose it, love wins. 

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