Listening To Be Heard

If we want people to listen to us, we should begin by first listening to them. 

People tend to listen better when they feel heard. 

When they do not feel heard, they often become deaf to what we have to say. 

Why shouldn’t they? 

If we are unwilling to listen to them, why should they listen to us? 

Most likely, if we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that we behave the same way when we feel unheard.

The secret to being heard, then, is to listen. 

Interestingly, a strange thing happens when we become better listeners. 

When we become better listeners, we find ourselves not needing to be heard quite as often. 

There is a certain freedom in this. 

By not needing to be heard, we become more patient, more understanding, and more compassionate toward others. 

We become more open-minded and open-hearted. 

As people begin to sense this in our presence and demeanor, they become more comfortable around us and the doors of communication begin to open freely and naturally. 

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