Listening To Trauma And Love

There is a battle going on inside us at all times. 

There are two voices that each want our attention. 

One is the voice of our past trauma. 

The other is the voice of love. 

Our trauma voice is loud. 

It tells us to be afraid, to protect ourselves, and it warns us of all of the ways we will fail, be hurt, and re-experience our trauma. 

Our trauma voice only cares about itself. 

It only cares about reminding us of the pain we have experienced so that we do not experience that pain again. 

If we listen to this voice, we may be safer for doing so, but we will also live in fear and isolation. 

We will run away from anything and anyone that scares us and we will miss out on life itself. 

The paradox of our trauma voice is that, in an attempt to protect us from future trauma, it forces us to relive our past trauma over and over again, constantly reminding us of the consequences of vulnerability. 

The voice of love, on the other hand, is quiet. 

It does not impose itself on us. 

It simply reminds us that it is there and waits for us to pay attention. 

This voice wants us to be free, to have courage, and to enjoy life to our fullest potential. 

If we listen to this voice, we will be vulnerable. 

We will have no protection from pain, grief, or loss. 

We will feel everything. 

But, with if we listen this voice, if we embrace what it tells us and follow where it leads us, our pain, grief, and loss does not have to become trauma. 

Our trauma voice wants to protect us from everything while also stealing everything, but the voice of love wants to protect us from nothing while giving us the opportunity to experience everything. 

Everything good in life, after all, comes from or leads us to love. 

This love is already inside of us, even if we all too often forget. 

Our trauma is not who we are. 

Nor is our trauma voice our true voice. 

It is simply the voice created by traumatic experiences as a sort of early warning system so that we may avoid danger and pain at all costs. 

The voice of love, however, existed before we ever felt pain. 

It existed through our trauma even if we did not hear it. 

And it will exist long after we are gone. 

The voice of of love wants what is best for us and those around us and, so long as we listen to its call, it will never lead us astray. 

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