Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is that, if we let down our guard, if we drop the facade of our ego, and open up our hearts to the love of God, that it will not be there to greet and comfort us when we do. 

We fear that, on the other side of vulnerability, we will find nothing, that we will be alone, and through this experience, we will lose all hope. 

So we cling to our beliefs, opinions, prejudices, and all of the other aspects of what we consider to be our identities as a way of maintaining the perceived security of our existence. 

But, if we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that this ego-driven existence, based on the purely superficial aspects of who we are, is ultimately a shallow one. 

There has to be something more to life, especially to our internal life, than merely what we think about ourselves and present to others based on those thoughts. 

Still, if we have never experienced anything other than the dubious security of self, we have reason to be afraid that there is not. 

That is where faith comes in. 

Without some degree of fear, doubt, and worry, we would not need faith in the first place. 

We cannot know that God’s love will be there for us unless we first let go of our selves. 

This means walking through our deepest fear as if God’s love will be there after we do because this is the only way to find out. 

If either our curiosity or our suffering is great enough, we will step into the unknown and our question will be answered. 

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