Patience With Progress

There is no use in beating ourselves up for our flaws and shortcomings. 

Being forced to live with them and with the knowledge of them is punishment enough, especially considering the fact that, much of the time, they are beyond our control anyway. 

Certain things about who we are, certain characteristics, behaviors, and thought processes simply are what they are. 

Perhaps they were born into us or maybe our life’s circumstances made us the way we are, but much of what makes us who we are was not consciously chosen by us. 

Of course, we will want to change, we will want to improve, and we will want to outgrow our flaws and shortcomings, but this is a slow, difficult process and we must be patient with ourselves along the way. 

We did not become who we are overnight. 

Likewise, we will we not transcend who we have become overnight either. 

Being overly hard on ourselves for slow progress or setbacks does not move us forward. 

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