Regret Is Optional

Difficulty is inevitable, but regret is a choice. 

No matter what path we choose, we will face difficulty along the way. 

This cannot be avoided. 

Of course, some paths will be easier than others, but none will be free of difficulty. 

If difficulty is inevitable, the choice we must make, then, is not which path will be easy, but which path will lead us to less regret. 

Regret is optional. 

Regret is the result of making choices we would rather not have made or accepting compromises we would rather not have accepted. 

Regret is not the result of what is done to us, but of what we do to ourselves whether by misguided action or inaction. 

It is often tempting to flip regret around and to make ourselves out to be the victims of our circumstances, relationships, or associations, but this is a trap. 

If we are honest with ourselves, wherever we find regret, we will also find that the majority of the culpability lies with us.

Blame offers no solutions, only excuses. 

Regret, properly understood, leave no room for such things. 

Regret is a teacher and should be embraced as such, not misdirected toward someone or something else. 

Once we experience real, lifelong, unconsolable regret, we learn an invaluable lesson. 

We learn that when we act or fail to act out of fear, we guarantee our suffering. 

While the courage to act in spite of fear does not guarantee us a life of ease and safety, it does guarantee that we will have fewer regrets. 

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