Fumbling Forward

We are all just fumbling through life, trying to do our best. 

None of us truly knows what we are doing or what tomorrow will bring. 

We make educated, or sometimes not so educated, guesses or predictions.

And, then we hope things will work out. 

Sometimes we are successful with our efforts.

Other times, we fail. 

But, we are all just fumbling forward, trying to do what we think is right. 

It is true that some of us are luckier than others. 

Some of us have more opportunities or assistance along the way.  

Some of us make better guesses or predictions. 

Some of us simply work harder at the correct things. 

All of us, however, face the same struggle every day, even if it manifests itself differently in our vastly different lives.

We all struggle to figure out what we are doing, what we should do next, why, and how to do it. 

We should keep this in mind when we look at each other, before we criticize, judge, or condemn one another. 

If we can just acknowledge our common struggle, perhaps we can see that we are not that different after all. 

Perhaps we can we can have a bit more compassion, patience, and understanding with one another as we fumble, stumble, and trudge our way from one day to the next. 

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