Truth Demands Conflict

Giving in to others simply to avoid conflict puts us in conflict with ourselves. 

We cannot please everyone else and ourselves simultaneously. 

In most cases, acquiescing to the wants or demands of others in an attempt to make them happy, in spite of our own happiness, has the opposite affect on us. 

It may prevent immediate conflict, but it leaves something unresolved inside of us and in our relationships. 

This may feel small at first, but over time, it grows, eventually leading to even greater conflict. 

This happens because acquiescence is a lie and dishonesty breeds animosity. 

Even if we convince ourselves and others in this moment that we are happy to concede our position and willing to go along to get along, if we do not mean it, the truth will out. 

The truth is unwilling to hide in the shadows of our beings forever. 

Under the cover of darkness, the truth grows stronger, demanding to see the light of day. 

Eventually, the truth begins cracking through our defenses and we must choose to either set it free or to be broken by it. 

Neither choice will be pain free, however, as the former demands that we confront and transcend the conflict we have been avoiding and the latter forces us to live with that conflict inside of us forever. 

‘Truth Demands Conflict’ by Robert Van Valkenburgh

HOLISTIC BUDO: As in Life, so too in Budo. As in Budo, so too in Life. 

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