The Cycle of Criticism

When we criticize others, we open ourselves up to criticism. 

We set ourselves up against an impossible standard. 

As soon as we, ourselves, make a mistake, which will inevitably happen, our own words and attitudes toward others become ammunition to be used against us. 

No one is perfect. 

We all have flaws and make mistakes. 

Knowing this, it is far better to humbly accept the humanness of those around us than to condemn them for attitudes and behaviors we are likely to exhibit ourselves, in some way, at one point or another. 

This does not mean we should quietly endure verbal, physical, or emotional abuse from anyone.

We should not. 

We should, however, be careful to not become the abuser in our attempt to protect ourselves from abuse. 

More often than not, condemnation of others for their words or actions, makes us more vulnerable than it makes us strong, opening us up to attack when our shortcomings eventually reveal themselves.

‘The Cycle of Criticism’ by Robert Van Valkenburgh

HOLISTIC BUDO: As in Life, so too in Budo. As in Budo, so too in Life. 

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