From Compassion

We can have the purest of intentions.

We can have carefully planned what we are going to do or say. 

We may have even consulted with others to be certain that we are going about things in the correct way. 

But, without compassion in our thoughts, words, and deeds, we are bound to mess things up. 

It does not matter what we do or say if we do not do or say it with compassion. 

Compassion softens our approach. 

If we want to be effective communicators, leaders, or teachers, our efforts must be rooted in the desire and ability to understand where others are coming from, to put ourselves in their place, and to approach them from a place of empathy, graciousness, and kindness. 

Otherwise, we may very well say or do exactly the right thing, but, instead of creating harmony through our efforts, we create dissonance. 

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