Writing Our Hero’s Tale

We tell ourselves all sorts of stories about what we cannot do and why. 

While some of this may be true, much of it is self-imposed by us through the narrative we have created in our minds about our own limitations. 

These stories come from our experiences, but our experiences do not dictate our potential. 

There is more to us than that which has happened to us. 

We may not be able to change everything about who we are, but we do have a say in who we become. 

We can change our minds and the best way to do so is through action. 

The closer we get to that which we most want to change, the louder and more convincing our internal resistance will become. 

We will have to face the darkest and most difficult parts of ourselves if we want to change and grow. 

We will feel doubt, worry, and frustration with ourselves, with our circumstances, and with the obstacles we perceive in our path. 

When we do, we can rest assured that we are headed in the right direction. 

It is in these moments that our true characters are defined. 

We can continue to believe the stories we have told ourselves about our limitations or we can choose to write a new story for ourselves, one wherein we are the brave hero we are capable of being. 

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