Choice And Fate

If something happens to us that we could not predict, control, or change, even if it has negative longterm consequences, it does not serve us to feel bad about it. 

Neither regret, guilt, nor shame will alter what happened. 

Wishing it would have or could have gone differently does not bring us back in time. 

Even if it did, what would we do? 

If we had no say in the matter in the first place, what makes us think we would be able to change it now? 

Even with our present knowledge, powerlessness is powerlessness. 

What could not be changed, can not be changed. 

We are who we are. 

What happened happened. 

Life is a strange alchemy of choice and fate. 

It is impossible to know which of these is really in charge of our destinies. 

Even with this being so, we must do our best to be better tomorrow than we are today because of what happened to us yesterday. 

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