That Which Must Be Done

There will always be things in our lives that we do not want to do, but that we must do lest we forever regret not having done them. 

These are usually experiences we have been avoiding out of fear, but that we know deep down are necessary for us. 

We avoid doing them because they are difficult and because they challenge our need for certainty, security, and predictability. 

Certainty, security, and predicability are illusions, however. 

They do not truly exist outside of our imaginations and desires. 

Basing our lives on these false expectations will inevitably let us down. 

When this happens, we will realize how much time we have wasted trying to play it safe. 

This is time that we cannot get back. 

In these moments, we have the opportunity to face ourselves and all that we have been avoiding. 

We have the opportunity to take action, to change our course, and to mitigate further loss. 

This, however, will not be easy. 

It will require courage, dedication, and diligence. 

But, it is worth it. 

Regret is too great a price to pay for the dubious luxury of certainty, security, and predictability that do not actually exist in the first place. 

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