A Loving Reminder

We will not please everyone. 

For one reason or another, some people will get angry at us. 

They will feel slighted by us. 

Our behavior may make them upset, jealous, or envious. 

They will look down on us, talk badly about us, and turn their backs on us. 

And, sometimes this all happens for very good reason. 

Sometimes we have talked or behaved in a way that is objectionable. 

We may have done something wrong that needs correcting or that cannot be corrected, taken back, or amended. 

We are not perfect. 

However, in spite of all of this, God’s love is ever present. 

We may not realize it, feel it, or even accept it, but it is always there and there is never a single moment when we are not the object of His affection. 

No matter what anyone else feels, thinks, or says about us, no matter what they do to us, and no matter what we feel, think, or say about ourselves, the fact of God’s ever present love never changes. 

It is the very reason for our existence. 

Our very presence on this earth is the result of God’s love manifesting itself through us. 

This is not to say that our thoughts, words, and deeds have no consequence.

They do. 

Nor should we simply disregard the affect we have on others. 

We should not. 

It simply means that the fact that we are loved by God has nothing to do with us or others. 

We cannot make God love us or stop loving us, nor can they. 

All of this is merely a reminder that there is more to life than the thoughts, words, and actions of ourselves or others. 

Before all of this, within all of this, and after all of this, there was, is, and always will be love. 

We would all be better served by thinking, speaking, and behaving accordingly. 

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