Love Heals The Sharer

When in doubt, love one another. 

At times, life can be difficult and confusing. 

We can struggle to find purpose and meaning. 

We are not alone in this. 

Others struggle also. 

Some may struggle more than us.  

Some may struggle less. 

But, no one is exempt from pain, suffering, and strife. 

Given this fact of existence, we could all use a little bit more compassion and patience. 

When we are feeling down, while it may be difficult to see past our challenges, we will be well served by turning our thoughts toward others. 

The world needs more love. 

We all need more love. 

Instead of waiting for someone else to be the one to bring love into our lives, there is no reason we cannot be the ones to bring love to others. 

Not only will this help the person or persons we direct our attention toward, but it will also help us to overcome our difficulties. 

Love shared is also experienced by the sharer, sometimes even more so than by the recipient. 

When we are feeling lost, confused, or are experiencing irreconcilable pain or grief, even if we feel that we have nothing to offer anyone, we can always offer love. 

This is because we are not the source of love. 

We are merely its vessel. 

Love, coming from an infinite source, never runs out. 

We need only to tap into it and to share it. 

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