Love’s Light On Fear

Fear can convince us to do the exact things that will cause our fears to come true. 

Fear is insidious and deceitful. 

It is a trickster and a thief. 

It is a powerful force that can control and destroy us if we allow it to. 

And, we may not even know that it is happening until it is too late. 

This is why we need other people in our lives who hold us accountable, keep us honest, and who tell us what we need to hear even when we do not want to hear it. 

We need people in our lives who recognize when we are being driven by fear, people who love us enough to not let this happen without speaking up about it in an attempt to stop it. 

By ourselves, we are partially blind. 

For better or worse, we cannot see all of the truth about who we are or who we are becoming when it is just us. 

That is why fear wants us to be alone. 

It wants to keep us blind and in the dark. 

But, our relationships, if they are healthy, bring light into our lives. 

This light kills fear and keeps it at bay because the light of these relationships is the light of love and, where there is love, fear cannot be sustained. 

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