A Love Never Withdrawn

Whether consciously or subconsciously, I have long held the belief that if I make the wrong decision, take the wrong action, or even have the wrong intention, God will abandon me, that He* will withdraw His love, and that He will punish me with His absence. 

But, this is not how God behaves. 

God’s love is infinite, eternal, and unconditional. 

This belief is not based on how I have been treated by God, but by how I have been treated by people and how I have, in turn, treated others. 

But, God is not us and God’s love is not withdrawn. 

We may withdraw from God’s love, but God does not withdraw His love from us. 

God’s love is ever-present as a gift waiting for us to accept it. 

And, this gift is being offered to us at all times, regardless of our decisions, actions, or intentions. 

While these may block us from being able to accept the gift of God’s love because of pride, fear, or obstinance, the gift remains and remains and remains. 

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that we can think, say, or do that will abandon us to this love. 

We abandon God. 

God does not abandon us. 

All we have to do in order to receive the gift of his loving grace and mercy is to turn toward Him and open our hearts and minds to His eternal and infinite presence in all things, including our confusion, fear, and stubbornness. 

God is here with us. 

We need only to choose to be here with Him. 

* I realize that, in referring to God in the masculine/paternal sense, I risk alienating some, but this is not my intention. If God is anything at all, He or She exists both beyond and within all genders. I only use masculine/paternal pronouns for continuity. 

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