Honesty Up Front

When there are things we know we should do or are told we are supposed to do, but know we are simply not going to do, it is important to be honest with ourselves and others. 

There is no point in deceiving ourselves or those around us by saying that we are going to do something we are not going to do. 

There is no use in pretending. 

It helps no one. 

Not only does it cause us internal discomfort when we say one thing and do another, at least if we have any kind of conscience, but it also causes other people discomfort as well. 

People count on us to do the things we say we are going to do.

So, if we do not do them, those people are let down and, beyond that, the thing we said we were going to do never gets done. 

If it was an especially important task, this failure on our part could cause all sorts of problems. 

If we were just honest from the beginning, even if it initially caused some hurt feelings or conflict, at least we would give others the opportunity to seek out alternate solutions to the problem we were meant to solve. 

By being honest up front, both our conscience and our honor are able to remain intact. 

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