Kinds Of Comfort

Comfort is a strange thing. 

On one hand, if we only do that which is comfortable, avoiding all that is not, we will never grow. 

On the other hand, if we constantly do things that make us uncomfortable, things that force us to cross the boundaries of our integrity, not only will we not grow, but we will actually regress. 

Really, this is only a matter of definition, though. 

Not all comfort is created equal. 

One kind of comfort is based in fear. 

It is our inertia not wanting us to change, demanding that we maintain the status quo, and insisting that the world around us does the same. 

The other kind of comfort is based in conscience. 

It is our principles, our standards, and our limitations that, once pressed, crossed, or violated make us feel bad about ourselves, about what we have participated in, or what has been forced on us. 

When we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable for one reason or another, we must ask ourselves exactly which kind of comfort we are dealing with. 

Are we uncomfortable because we are avoiding necessary change or are we uncomfortable because the change we are facing will turn us into someone we cannot live with? 

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