From Struggling To Service

It is very difficult to make a case against the fact that a fulfilling, meaningful life must include some amount, perhaps a large amount, of service to others. 

There is simply too much evidence to deny that helping those in need, regardless of degree, helps us as well.  

Helping others makes us happier, less self-centered, and more optimistic about life in general. 

It gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction, while also empowering us to feel as though we are capable of making a difference in the world. 

Additionally, no honest, mature, and intelligent person could possibly look around and sincerely claim that there is no one who needs some sort of help that he or she can offer. 

Someone, somewhere needs some kind of assistance, whether it be emotional, physical, or material, that is well within our means. 

We do not need to over-extend ourselves. 

In fact, we should not over-extend ourselves. 

We have needs also and can help no one if we ignore or deny these. 

Still, it is quite possible to help others while also attending to our basic needs. 

In fact, a good argument could be made for the fact that the more we are struggling, the more we should turn our attention to helping others. 

Not only will helping others help us to feel better about ourselves, our circumstances, and the world in general, but it also builds connections and community, both of which are essential for our personal growth and prosperity. 

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