Unwanted Freedom

People tell us they do not love us in different ways. 

Some tell us in words, some in actions, some in absence, distance, or time. 

But, when they tell us they do not love us, regardless of how they do so, we should believe them. 

Trying to convince them otherwise will only prolong the inevitable. 

Attempting to negotiate, buy time, or earn ourselves a second chance will not, it cannot, make someone love us who does not. 

Love, unlike trust, respect, and admiration, is not something we can earn back no matter how hard we try. 

Love must be chosen.

It must be given. 

We cannot make another person do this. 

They must choose it for themselves and they must give it of their own free will. 

If they have decided that they do not, cannot, or perhaps never did love us, we have to come to accept this fact. 

Fighting against it will not change it. 

By coming to terms with this truth, we are able to move on. 

By giving us the opportunity to do so, the person who does not love us is doing us a favor. 

They are giving us freedom and, while freedom may not be what we desire, freedom is a gift. 

Albeit, freedom does not always feel good, as anyone who has had their heart broken knows all too well. 

Regardless of how we feel about it, however, we must move on, keeping in mind that not being loved by one person does not make us unloveable. 

It simply means that there is one less person out there for us to waste our time on while we seek out someone who does. 

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