Failing Perfectly

No matter how hard we try and how well we plan and prepare, something will inevitably go wrong at some point along the way.

This is part of the process.

We cannot account for every variable and every contingency.

And, we especially cannot wait to take action until after every variable and every contingency is accounted for.

We may want to achieve perfection, but, if we hope to make any progress at all, we have to be willing to settle for perfect enough.

Not only will perfect never actually happen, but while we wait for it, we will quite likely miss our opportunity to be successful in whatever endeavor we have chosen to attempt.

Success does not wait for perfection.

In fact, success does not wait.

Success favors the attempt itself.

Obviously, a more perfect attempt will lead to a more perfect result, but waiting for perfection before our attempt will cause us to never make an attempt at all.

Success is achieved through failure not in the avoidance of it.

We must do our best and we must also accept that our best may not be good enough, yet.

When our best is not good enough, it is up to us to adapt, to adjust, and to pivot in the face of whatever resistance we encounter.

Resistance should be seen merely as more information on our way to where we are going.

Resistance is educational.

We must, therefore, embrace the difficulties we face as that which will make us better tomorrow.

For, it is on the other side of difficulty that perfection is actually found.

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