Choosing To Learn

There comes a point in our lives wherein we must take responsibility for our own learning. 

Learning is different from education. 

Education is often given to us or even imposed upon us. 

Learning, on the other hand, requires our participation. 

No matter what types of lessons are being offered to us, we cannot and we will not learn from them unless we actively participate in the process. 

No one can make us do this. 

It has to be our decision and it will require our effort. 

We have to set the intention to learn. 

Even with this, however, there is no guarantee that the knowledge we wish to acquire will actually take, at least not at first. 

Like anything worth doing, learning is a process and, if what we are attempting to learn has actual life-changing value, it will not come to us easily. 

It will be a slow process with many starts, stops, obstacles, and detours along the way. 

Our dedication to this process is what proves our sincerity. 

Or, our lack of dedication to this process will prove the opposite. 

Either way, we are responsible for our choices, for our actions, or lack thereof. 

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