Investing In Our Health

Our health is not promised to us. 

It must be worked for and maintained.

This requires thought, effort, and intention.

It also requires time.

Our health is an investment that must be tended to and nurtured. 

It will not take care of itself. 

And, if we do not make time to take care of our health now, someone else will have to make the time to take care of our health later. 

Even if, for whatever reason, we do not feel that our health is worth investing in for ourselves, it is important to understand that we are not the only ones affected by it. 

Whatever burden we choose not to bear with regards to our health for ourselves will ultimately become the burden of our loved ones. 

If we are unwilling to take care of ourselves for ourselves, we should at least stop to consider the longterm consequences of this decision for the people around us. 

We do not want to see the people we love suffer and, likewise, the people who love us do not want to see us suffer either. 

No one likes to see their loved ones suffer. 

We must, therefore, if our love is true, put action behind our sentiments and do our best to be our best.

Love is not merely a feeling, after all.

Love is demonstrated through action. 

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