Room For Change

Inertia is not a reasonable justification for continuing onward in the wrong direction.

We try to make the best decisions we can with the information we have, but, inevitably, the information we have will change and, with it, our decisions and direction must change as well.

Simply because we have committed to one path does not mean it is the best path.

Obstinate overcommitment in the wrong direction just because it is where we were already going will almost certainly lead us to failure.

Life changes, people change, and our circumstances change.

We must always remain flexible, not in our principles, but in our course of action.

We have to give ourselves room for mistakes, for growth, and for change.

Holistic Budo: As it is in budo, so too it is in life. As it is in life, so too it is in budo.

Robert Van Valkenburgh is co-founder of Kogen Dojo Self Defense Academy where he teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

All photos by Robert Van Valkenburgh unless otherwise noted.

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