Self-Management Over Stress-Management

Stress is misdirected energy. Stress is energy directed inward that would be more usefully directed toward that which we want to accomplish, achieve, or affect. This does not mean that we should displace our stress outwardly. Stress directed outwardly tends to manifest as anger, frustration, and all other forms of counterproductive negativity. By the time … Continue reading Self-Management Over Stress-Management

Take The Trip (Some Unsolicited Advice)

Take the trip. Try new things. Do not wait. Life changes quickly. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Be brave. Take a chance. Fear is an excuse. Busy is an excuse. Conformity is cowardice. Procrastination is cowardice. Embrace whimsy. Chase your dreams. Every moment matters. Nothing is insignificant. Your muse will not find you. You … Continue reading Take The Trip (Some Unsolicited Advice)